About US

MAGARAGS.COM - An online destination for patriotic Americans making America Great who want to spread the America 1st message, support President Trump or just trigger snowflakes and liberals. 


  • ma·​ga | \ˈmägə\Acronym for a "Make (Making) America Great Again" a straight to-the-point phrase used by people who love America and want to make it more prosperous and morally decent for people who love it.
  • A campaign slogan used by Alpha Male Presidents
  • A phrase used by people exercising and celebrating their right to free speech that infuriates anti-American, anti-Religious, Racially bigoted, Fakenews indoctrinated or easily triggered members of the far-left.

RAGS . NOUN . plural
RAGs | \ˈRÄGZ\

  • A piece of clothing or accessory typically worn by self-assured, respectful or otherwise awesome people to express an opinion, a belief, or a political statement.
  • Cool stuff you wear